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We are two teaching professionals who believe that it’s never too late to learn something new. Originally bonding over a shared love of rescue dogs, houseplants, crafting, and true crime, we realized we shared a unique drive; we both chase that indescribable joy that comes with solving a new problem on our own.


That feeling you get when you repair that clogged sink instead of waiting for the plumber to come and overcharge you? That feeling you get when you hem that party dress instead of forgetting it at the dry cleaners? That domestic superhero feeling, that twinge of accomplishment...we love that. That’s what D.A.D. is all about, sharing our passion for learning the little things that level you up to adult status.


Jenn is a rarity, a born and bred Los Angeles native. She originally attended Chapman University majoring in theater performance and minoring in illustration. However, during her sophomore year, she switched to a business and marketing major hoping to one day be able to combine all of her passions and skills into one career. After several years of working in marketing she opened the Bar Method Silver Lake studio in 2012. Owning a brick and mortar small business has forced her to learn skills she never thought would be necessary, like how to clean graffiti off a window or how to use a impact driver. Her unexpected skills include refinishing vintage furniture, hip hop dance, making layered cheesecakes, and how to properly scale and filet a fish. She would like to learn how to make sourdough bread, speak Cantonese, and re-tile a bathroom. She lives in Pasadena, CA with her husband, Gavin and their dog, Fox. 


Carley hails from the murky swamps of Louisiana (more specifically, New Orleans). She received a B.A. in film studies from Columbia University, and an M.F.A in screenwriting from University of Southern California. She works as a screenwriter for companies like Disney, Nick Jr., NBC, Original Films, Lifetime, and Walden, and as a professor teaching film history and screenwriting at various colleges in the Los Angeles area. Her unexpected skills include flying on the trapeze, making marshmallows from scratch, and knowing exactly where you should go for dinner, leading her friends to rename her “Human Yelp”. She would like to learn how to play the autoharp, drive a stick shift, and make a green juice at home that doesn’t taste like a rancid aquarium (if this is at all humanly possible). She lives in Glendale with her dog, Dudley.

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