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Updated: Jun 26, 2018

Now that marijuana has been legalized for recreational use in California, weed dispensaries are popping up everywhere. To get you schooled on the world of spliffs, smoking and all things mary jane, we turned to the experts, Kym and Kelsey, at Blossom & Stone to clear up some of the smoke surrounding wacky tabacky.

Everyone can’t shut up about CBD…what is it?

B&S: CBD is short for Cannabidiol, a compound extracted from the cannabis plant. CBD does not have any psychoactive properties, so it won’t get you “high”. When used on its own, CBD users experience none of the stoned physical or mental effects because the cannabidiol itself is inert. Because CBD can’t get you high, it’s able to be sold outside of dispensaries to the general public. CBD alone will NOT get you high, so it’s ideal for people seeking the natural benefits, don’t want to get high, or need to pass a drug test. CBD can be used to treat anything from pain, anxiety or even insomnia.

Many, including myself, enjoy the full benefits of a pure CBD isolate. It comes in all forms, tinctures, pills, edibles, vape, lotions, and even the flower itself. There are many brands out now that are not high quality and overpriced. Look for high potency CBD of at least 300 mg, derived from high quality non-GMO organic hemp or flower. Children, pets and adults can use pure CBD.

Then what’s the thing to take to make Phish sound good?

B&S: THC, the cannabinoid that gets you high. This psychoactive compound activates specific psychological responses; it affects your mind. Of course, your mind and body are connected, so the effects of this compound work on a psychological and physical level. When you introduce THC into your body, it can alter your mood, appetite, cognition and perception. The cliches of getting the munchies or becoming extremely relaxed and giggly happen when THC activates certain receptors in your brain and nervous system. Some THC products also contain CBD, as some people feel the “entourage effect” of these two compounds can be more effective.

What advice would you give to someone who has never tried any of the above? Where’s the best place to start?

B&S: Depends on what the person is looking for...if they are seeking the benefits of cannabis without the high, they should use a pure CBD. If they want the high as well, they should try THC. Because everyone’s system is different, everyone reacts differently. It’s wise to start with a conservative dose, and note the effects over time to figure out the dose that’s best for you. You can always take more, but you can’t take less, so starting slow is key.

Indica and Sativa: what’s the difference? How to the blends work?

B&S: Again, everyone is affected differently, but Sativa tends to have a more uplifting, energized, creative high. Indica (a good way to remember is it sounds like, “in da couch”) gives a more relaxing body high. Personally, I prefer Sativa for daytime and social events, and Indica to enhance food, music and sex, and treat stress and insomnia. A hybrid has characteristics of both, and can be either Sativa or Indica dominant.

Okay, sold. Now what?

B&S: You can smoke, consume or vape Cannibis. Generally, vaping is good for beginners or those who prefer not to smoke. Vaping usually uses an oil cannabis product, and doesn’t create smoke from a burning process. Smoking can be good too, but it has negative long term effects since our lungs and throats don’t love smoke. Edibles can be tricky, and may have inconsistent effects. Be careful not to consume too much. Start with 5mg, you can always have more. NEVER consume more than 25 mgs at once. When smoking or vaping, wait at least ten minutes before taking more. When eating, wait at least 45 minutes.

Weed accessories: what items should every aspiring toker have? Are there any products you personally like?

B&S: A small portable vape pen is discreet, and convenient. When buying oil cartridges for your vape, look for a pure oil with no additives. The cartridge should be made of glass, not plastic. There are great disposable vape pens on the market as well, but look for glass or ceramic cartridges containing pure oil. I personally like Happy Thoughts & Co.

I love the powder from the Mondo Meds brand which uses the whole plant, and dissolves easily under the tongue or in a drink.

t comes with a handy 5mg spoon for the perfect dose.

I also take pure CBD oil from the brand Remedium, which uses pure extracted CBD isolate from non-GMO organic hemp, free of toxins and pesticides.

Thanks so much, Bloomies! You’ve finally given us an a way to rationalize spending an evening at home with Pink Floyd and Totino’s Pizza Rolls!

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