I feel like this is a safe space to reveal that I “collect” (i.e. hoard) some truly random things; sprinkles (my kitchen has a dedicated sprinkle drawer), Dolly Parton memorabilia, planters in the shape of lady heads (armed with Ambien and a fully charged phone, I can do some serious late night Ebay damage) and vintage linen tea towels (the kookier, the better). When my “collection” veered into “concerning”, I knew it was time to share my tea towel bounty with a group of fellow do-ers for a night of sewing. With some very basic sewing skills, we turned these dainty tea towels into the perfect summer tote bags.

By the end of the night, we turned the Sew-Sos into Sew Pros!

For this project you’ll need:

  • A cute tea towel (we found tons on Ebay and Etsy)

  • Matching thread

  • 1 ½ yards of cotton webbing for the straps (we used 1” wide webbing)

  • A sewing machine

  • Pins

  • Scissors

There’s no fabric to measure or cut for this easy-sew project, the tea towel is already the perfect size for a tote.

Take the towel and fold it in half, with the printed sides facing each other. Take the bottom folded edge of the fabric and push it up, sandwiched between the front and back of the fabric . This creates a gusset to give your tote some structure. Pin the edges of the fabric in place, making sure your fold lines up on both sides. The pins will keep the fabric in place, making the actual sewing part of this project a breeze.

Thread your machine and select the zigzag stitch. Start from the bottom of the fabric and sew a zigzag stitch in a straight line along both sides. Mazel tov! You’ve just made a fabric bucket! Time for straps!

Take your 1 ½ yard of webbing and cut it in half. Pin the raw ends of each strap to the insides of the bag. You can place the straps as wide apart as you like, just make sure they’re evenly positioned on both sides. Use a straight stitch to sew a boxed “x” to secure the straps to the fabric.

Flip the bag right side out and show off your one-of-a-kind tote at the farmer’s market.

School Supplies:

Cotton Webbing for straps


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