What Up, Succa?

Succulents are the perfect gateway plants; they’re hardy, they don’t require a lot of maintenance, and they’re basically millennial Pokemon...once you start, you’ll want to collect them all! They are identifiable by their fleshy leaves designed to retain water, allowing them to survive in dry climates. The sheer variety within the succulent family means you’ll have endless arrangement possibilities.

Since succulents store water in their leaves, overwatering is the easiest way to kill them. Sitting in water will lead to root rot, so be sure to plant them in a pot with drainage holes (for more tips on potting, check out our post here).

Burro’s Tail aka Sedum Morganianum

The hanging braided stems of this guy can grow up to 4’ long, and look especially cool in a hanging pot. They flourish in bright shade or partial sun, and prefer a thorough watering every two weeks or so. Succulents prefer drinks, not sips of water!

Blushing Beauty aka Aeonium

A succulent that looks like the love child of a flower AND an artichoke? We love this weirdo! The rosettes of green leaves tinged with red make this succulent a true standout. These gals are not fans of hot, dry weather and may actually go dormant in the summer. Unless it’s extremely dry, avoid watering them during the summer months. These bashful beauties thrive in the cool, damp months from winter to summer.

Baby Toes aka Fenestraria

Not gonna lie, the name of this plant is a little...creepy. All “piggies going to market” aside, this South African succulent does well in bright, dry conditions. These temperamental tootsies are especially prone to root rot, so really let them dry out between waterings. Remember that succulents take their moisture from the air, so err on the side of keeping these digits on the dry side.

Jade Plant aka Crassula Ovata

This popular housewarming gift, also referred to as the "money plant", was thought to bring good luck to their owner. They’re pretty tough, and will grow happily in moist (not wet!) soil and full sun. They’re one of the easiest to propagate, so pass this lucky guy along to friends!

Jewel Leaf aka Graptopetalum Amethystinum

The powdery coating on the plump, round leaves of this succulent make it look like something from another planet. Easily propagated from leaves, this eerie plant will add a little spookiness to your succulent arrangement. Unlike most pasty folks, this guy thrives in lots of sun.

Flower Dust Plant aka Kalanchoe pumila

This bloomin’ beauty originally comes from Madagascar, but has happily adapted to rocky soils here in California. If you want a little color in your succulent arrangement, this gal is for you. We think her colorful blooms are perfect for a hanging basket situation.


This succulent comes in many different colors, from dusty purple, green and pinks. This low-growing plant is one of the easiest to propagate. The one we have dropped some leaves naturally, and before we knew it there were lil grappies sprouting in our planter.

Pinwheel Plant aka Aeonium haworthii

This overachiever can reach shrub-like sizes with a little help. They don’t love hot or dry weather, and their leaves may curl up in extreme heat to protect water loss. Water whenever the soil has dried out, but make sure there’s proper drainage so the plant isn’t sitting in any water. We love how the edges of the leaves have a pink tinge.

Purple Scallops aka Bryophyllum fedtschenkoi

While their scientific name sounds like a Bond villain, these scallops couldn’t be cuter. If you want an all you-can-plant scallop buffet, this succulent can be easily propagated with removed leaves or entire branches.

String-of-Buttons aka Crassula perforata

This kebab-like succulent can grow up to 2 feet tall! The amount of sun exposure it gets will affect the leaf coloration, so if you’re going for an ombre effect place him in full sun.

Stumbled upon a mysterious succulent you’re unable to identify? There’s an app for that! PlantSnap is basically Plant Shazam. Doing a little research about your new plant and their specific needs is key to creating that lush arrangement of succulents you’ll enjoy for years to come.


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