Stitch it, Stitch it real good

Step 1: Gather your tools, including a seam ripper, a pair of sharp scissors, needle, thread, wayward button (check the inside of the shirt, sometimes extra buttons are sewn into the washing instructions tag). Find a spot to sew with some decent light, sewing in the dark is not a plan for success

Step 2: Cut a piece of thread (the length from your outstretched fingertips to your nose is good), thread your needle, and pull it halfway through the strand, pulling the ends out so they’re even. This two-ply thread will make sure your button is secured tightly.

Step 3: Begin by making a quilter’s knot. Hold the needle in your right hand and the two tails of your thread in your left hand. Cross the thread over your needle and hold down the end with your right thumb and index finger. Take the thread and wrap it around the needle three times, the thread should look like the spiral stripe on a candy cane. Keeping the thread wrapped, push it down so you can pinch it down with your right thumb and index finger. Hold onto your hat, because this is the crazy part...pull the needle away with your left hand, while keeping a firm pinch on the thread in your right hand. Proudly screaming “Ta Da” like a Vegas magician is totally optional, but don’t get too excited yet.

Step 4: Take your sad, buttonless garment and a runaway button. Button insider info: sometimes there are extra buttons sewn onto the washing instructions tag. Take your now knotted-needle and insert it from inside the garment to hide the knot. Slide the button onto your needle, making sure it’s in the correct position. Take your needle and insert it down into the hole directly across from where you’ve pulled your thread up, repeat this process four times, making an "X" shape over the center. Make sure you keep your thread tight and that your button is secured to the garment, these loops you’re making will secure the button. Bringing your needle back from the underside of the garment, now come up through the remaining button-hole and down through the hole directly across from it.

Step 5: Once the button feels secure, tighten one last time before knotting your thread with the tail.

Sing the Pussycat Dolls iconic song “Buttons” as you do this.


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