Plant Posse Party

Updated: Oct 9, 2018

We came, we saw, we planted. On a lovely night in October, twenty-five aspiring green thumbs joined Don’t Ask, Do for an evening to learn about the wonderful world of plants.

Our friends, Linda and Courtney, from TreePeople were on hand to teach us all about how to set our succulents up for success. is an amazing local environmental charity that has been committed to making Los Angeles greener for the past 40 years. In addition to planting over 3 million trees, TreePeople is also actively involved in working with government agencies to help promote green policies to protect our environment. Succulents thrive in California’s dry climate because they get most of their moisture from the air. Planting drought tolerant succulents is the ideal way to green up your space without wasting water.


Sure you could go to a store and buy some plants, but where’s the fun in that? Propagation is the process of growing more plants from ones you already have, and a great, cheap, eco-friendly way to fill your home with new green friends. Did we mention how cool it is to see a new plant grow from just one little baby leaf? We may or may not have been singing songs from The Lion King during our circle of life succulent journey (we totally did).

In true Doer fashion, we scoured the green streets of LA and gardens of generous friends to amass a gorgeous collection of succulent cuttings and leaves. We let our cuttings dry out on a tray for a few days, making sure they formed a dry callus at the incision point. Then we spritzed them with water from a spray bottle to keep them moist (but not wet) to encourage a new “pup” to grow (that’s what they actually call the new lil babies….PUPS!!!). Within 2-3 weeks, about 70% of our cuttings had sprouted roots and shoots and were ready for planting.

GETTING DIRRTY (cue 2002 Xtina)

Our planting station had everything our doers needed; potting soil, pots with drainage holes, the cutest lil’ mini gardening tools, spray bottles of water, and a bevy of propagated succulents ready to be rehomed. You can read more about how to pot a plant in our indoor plants post. It was amazing to see how different every person’s arrangement turned out. We’re thankful to everyone who came out to the event, and our partners at TreePeople and Potted. It’s so exciting to see our community of doers continue to grow (pun totally intended).

For more information about the reduced-waste, plant-based recipes from our party, please visit our Plant Power! Veg Based Recipes post.

For more information about the some of the succulents we propagated at our event, please visit our What Up, Succa? post.


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