Create a Plant Plan


Location, location, location! Plant placement is one of the most important things to consider when getting greens. Each plant has different light and moisture needs, so we recommend doing a little planning before going to the nursery so you can choose a plant that will thrive in the space you have.

Follow this steps for a successful Indoor Pot Plot!

  1. Look at the areas where you'd like to have plants

  2. Decide which pots you think fit in those areas

  3. THEN decide on what plants should go into those pots based off of the light available in that area, the temperature, and the size pots you've chosen.

To take some of the guesswork out of planning, we’ve got some plant recommendations for different areas of your home.


Want to add some green accents, but worried there isn’t a ton of natural light available? These shady ladies don’t need a ton of light and are pretty tough to kill. Pothos are a fast-growing plant that’s great for a beginning plant enthusiast. We love putting them on top of shelves or bookcases, for peak-Jumanji vibes! Their long tendrils make them easy to propagate; one pothos can turn into a gaggle pretty quickly.

Sansevieria, also known as the snake plant or mother-in-law’s tongue (talk about throwing shade!), is another greenie that thrives in low-light. The long spikey shoots have a lovely architectural shape that can decorate a bedroom corner or low-light hallway. As an extra bonus, these two are great air purifiers which makes them great choices for the bedroom.


Our jungalow dreams are all coming true thanks to the new Monstera that’s taken the prime filtered light spot by the living room window. The swiss cheese-like leaves are pure 80s Miami, and add a great pop of color to the room. The leaves can get a little dusty, so to keep your Monsty growing, make sure to gently wipe off her leaves (we like to use Plant Shine Spray from Miracle Grow). A happy monstera will start climbing out of her pot, so be sure to repot into a larger container yearly, or divide her and give some to a friend!

Filtered sunlight (not full blast direct rays) is perfect for a Spider Plant, another fast-growing, hard-to-kill starter choice. A happy spider plant will look like Sideshow Bob’s hair, and sprout little tiny baby “pups”! Be careful not to overwater these guys, let them dry out between waterings.

Ferns also love a dappled light situation. If you have a bathroom with a sunny window, the combo of light and humidity from a shower creates a great tropical environment for this frilly folia (we named ours Fernie Sanders). If a sunny bathroom isn’t an option, a humidifier will help create the humidity a fern needs to flourish.


Most of our drought-tolerant succulents live outside, and are exposed to some pretty bright California rays. Succulents get most of their moisture from the air, making them a great choice to green up an entryway. Minimal water and maintenance make this an eco-friendly addition to your plant fam.

Just remember that each plant is unique, and to set yourself up for success, consider where you’ll be putting a plant before you buy.

Getting the right plant to fit in your indoor spaces is the key to turning your home into a jungalow.

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