Gifts Your Host Actually Wants

Never Show Up Empty-Handed

With the avalanche of holiday parties quickly approaching, we wanted to share some easy, yet thoughtful treats to let your host know you’re happy to be invited. There’s something a little sad about showing up and handing your host a droopy bodega bouquet or under $10 bottle of whatever from Trader Joe’s. We were raised by mothers who warned us, "never come to a party empty-handed.” This doesn’t mean you have to bring over something spendy but, as our moms also relentlessly told us, “it’s the thought that counts.”

Matchy Matchy

Matchmaker, matchmaker, get them some adorable matches and a candle! Or some matchy coasters, Jenn made these galaxy-inspired marble beauties using this DIY technique! The coasters can be made using marble tiles from a hardware or tile store, alcohol paints, and cork contact paper to protect your tables and other surfaces. But you can pick up some of these equally as cute ones from CB2 or West Elm. Unexpected gifts for holiday hosts will ensure your VIPP (Very Important Party Person) status.

Tools They’ll Use

A bright cheeky tea towel is always a good idea. We love the snarky sayings on the Blue Q line (they make great pot holders and socks too!) Pair one with a tool they’ll always reach for and you’ve got a recipe for gift success. Our favorite tools include a ball whisk, a Mafter dough scraper (it’s our third hand when baking), or a GIR spatula that will stand up to extremely high heat and comes in every color in the rainbow. Throw in some pancake or scone mix if you’re feeling extra. Even a cute dish soap, sponge and dishwashing gloves are a practical gift that will keep on giving. Don’t have time to order online? Marshalls (aka our home away from home) always has great picks to choose from.

Finishing Touches

A high quality olive oil or nice finishing sea salt offers a little taste of luxury that you host may not splurge on for themselves. If your host is extra salty, this literal bucket of Maldon salt should keep them seasoned for many dishes to come. High quality spices from Penzey’s are a welcome addition to any host’s kitchen; paired with a simple olive wood mortar and pestle or a salt cellar for an added touch.

Flower Power

Flowers are a go-to gift but, honestly, the last thing a hostess wants to do is forage around for a vase when the party is in full swing. We’d always be happy to receive a cute potted plant, or anything green that’s already in a pot or vase. We love the tip our friends Nicole and Adrienne Infante from @bonappetitfordestruction shared, “Bring a little bouquet of flowers in a glass and tell the host that it’s for their bedroom, so that they wake up happy the next morning. That way there’s no expectation that your flowers be on display with what your hosts have decorated, and it has more thoughtfulness to it.”

At the end of the night, all that really matters to your host is that you enjoyed the party. No host is expecting their guests to come bearing gifts, but a small token of appreciation is always appreciated.


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