Green in the House

As we focus on cleaning up our act this spring, we wanted to explore some easy, clean-green swaps for the products we buy on a regular basis. Our goal was to find more sustainable alternatives for our go-to items around the house. Reduce, reuse, recycle is our mantra, so we wanted to share some of our favorite green swaps with you.

Instead of plastic wrap, try these silicone stretch lids! Yes, it looks like you’re putting a condom on a pineapple or watermelon...but think about all of the rolls of Saran Wrap you’ll never buy again!

Instead of wax paper, we’re all abuzz about the Bee’s Wrap packs made with beeswax coated organic cotton. These sheets warm up with the heat from your hands, allowing you to wrap up anything from sandwiches to blocks of cheese to stick in your fridge or lunch bag. We’ve found these wraps work best with non-sticky items.

Instead of ziploc bags, we’ve been hoarding these silicone food baggies. They’re especially great for batch freezing smoothie ingredients, and dishwasher-safe.

You’ve already got a tote bag in your car for grocery runs, get a pack of these reusable produce bags and skip the plastic baggies in the produce section.

Plastic straws are the worst, so swap them out for a pack of these stainless steel reusable straws. We always keep one in our purse for straw-mergencies on the go! Plus how cute is the teeny tiny cleaning brush it comes with?

Sick of hauling giant containers of laundry detergent home from Target? Toss the toxic cleaners, and get some of dees nutz (sorry, I literally could not stop myself). Soap nuts are a thing, and they work! Toss a few of these into a little muslin baggie, and you’ve got a hundred loads of laundry for $10. Just let dem nutz dry out between washings (sorry, literally could not stop myself once again). They’re organic, better for the environment, clothes and skin, and they’re cheaper!

Dryer sheets aka “The Devil’s Tissues” are full of gross chemicals and terrible for the environment. We’ve switched to wool dryer balls and never looked back. We love to put a few drops of essential oils onto the balls (not making a balls joke, even though I’m super tempted to), to infuse our laundry with a lovely scent. Lavender is perfect for towels and bed linens, and grapefruit or lemon keeps our clothes smelling fresh.

Those little cotton rounds for removing makeup or applying toner can be easily swapped out for this organic, reusable version. They even come with a cute little baggie to keep them from getting lost in the dryer.

These go-to green alternatives are safer for ourselves and the environment. We love being able to support businesses and products that offer sustainable choices.

We’d love to hear about any green clean swaps you’re currently obsessed with. Swing by our Instagram to let us know about your latest green-ups!


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