Not Your "Semester Abroad in Spain" Sangria

Updated: Jul 1, 2018

Sangria’s new slogan: she’s not just the boozy punch responsible for making your semester in Madrid a complete blur! Back then, we’d just toss some cheap red wine with the saddest oranges and apples we could can find and call it a dia. Now that we’re older and (allegedly) wiser, we decided it’s time to give Lady Sangria (which I’ve decided will be my drag name ) a much needed makeover.

The name, sangria, is believed to come from the Spanish word sangre (blood), due to the red color of the drink. Since “blood” doesn’t really scream “summer”, we decided to lighten up this libation by switching out the red wine for white. Grab a pitcher and let’s start sangria-ing!


To channel some summer vibes, we chose this Marlborough Savignon Blanc. It's tart and fruity with notes of green apple and citrus. Don’t have a Sauvignon Blanc on hand? Don’t worry, we’ve got a foolproof formula that will turn any wine you have into the perfect pitcher of boozy goodness. But just like any recipe that calls for wine, choose one you like.

This recipe makes 8 servings, but feel free to double or triple the recipe for a larger party. Not sure how much to make? If each person drinks 2 servings, you’ll need 1 bottle of wine for every 4 boozehounds.

  • One bottle of wine (red, white or rose)

  • ½ cup fruit flavored liquor; we’re using Calvados (apple), but you can also go with Cointreau/Grand Marnier/Triple Sec (orange), or Midori (melon).


Time to toss in some mixed fruit. We’re using kiwis, green apples and peaches, but you can use any seasonal situation that speaks to your inner sangria spirit (watermelon, grapes, berries, and oranges all work).

Adding in some fresh juice will give the sangria sassy, tart lil’ kick; we’re adding ¼ cup of lemon and lime juice to balance the sweetness of the fruit (pomegranate or orange juice can be good options too).

  • 1-2 cups of fresh peeled, sliced fruit

  • ¼ to ½ cup of fruit juice

Stir up that party in a pitcher, and stick in the fridge por una noche. The next day...


I am basically a walking La Croix can, so if there is an opportunity to add carbonation to anything, I WILL DO IT. Still water is dead to me! #everydaychampagne #basicbubblewaterbitch

Add your choice of bubble trouble into the mix immediately before serving.

  • 2 cups of soda water

Pour that fruity, boozy business over ice and serve with Penelope Cruz realness.

We got our cute, but not so stable, Pineapple Dispenser at a local store. Here's an online recommendation that we think will be just as cute but a little more sturdy.

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