First Aid for Adventures!

The most important thing to pack for your next trip may not be those cute sandals or new bikini, but the less glamorous first aid kit. Best case scenario, it stays at the bottom of your suitcase and you never have to use it. Worst case scenario, it saves you from desperately trying to figure out how to ask a surly Moroccan pharmacist for Immodium in Arabic (been there, done that, never eat street meat). Since we are two detail obsessed, overplanning Virgos, we’ve compiled the ultimate travel first aid kit for your next adventure.

For Your Outsides:

For Your Insides:

  • Steripen is a portable device that uses UV light to sterilize water. I used this in India to treat the water I used to brush my teeth. In some countries, even bottled water may be contaminated, so to be on the safe side, I would dip this pen into any bottle before drinking. It attracted some attention, but ended up being a good conversation starter with the locals!

  • Condoms for safe vacay hookups

Bon voyage and safe adventuring!

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