DIY Fabric Pouch

Didn't get a chance to make it to our Spring Stitches Event? Don't worry, you can still make our adorable pouch from the comfort of your own couch! A couch pouch, if you will. All you need are two pieces of fabric cut to the same size, about 8"x10" (cut as shown in our diagrams), some thread, needles and a button - you're good to sew! Our pouches were the perfect size for sunglasses, or a phone and a lipstick, but feel free to make yours bigger or smaller. And remember the most important part of all: it doesn't matter what the stitches look like, they'll all be tucked inside the pouch...perfection is not the goal here. In completing this project you'll learn the three essential sewing stitches, how to make a buttonhole and sew a button. Mother's Day is coming up soon, and we all know the best gifts are the ones we put love into with every stitch...

As you go along, we'll reference several stitches. Don't know your backstitch from your whipstitch? No problem, click on the names and they'll direct you to our Essential Stitches post.


1. Pick out 2 pieces of fabric (we used pieces that were approximately 8"x10"): these will be the exterior and interior of your pouch. Fold the fabric into thirds, then in the top third - fold down the corners to meet in the middle. Cut the top corners off to form a point - as shown in the diagram below.

2. Place the pieces with the right sides facing each other. Put 3 to 4 pins along each side to hold the 2 pieces together.

3. Thread your small needle with regular thread and tie a knot at the end furthest from the needle.

4. Use a backstitch along the top and the bottom of the bag about 1/4 inch from the edge. Remember not to pull the thread too tight. Keep your stitches the same length - 1/8” is a good stitch length for this project.

5. Make a quilter's knot on the back side of the fabric.

6. Turn the bag inside out and iron it for crisp, flat edges.

7. Fold the bottom of the bag upward to meet the bottom of the triangle at the top. Pin the sides with 3 to 4 pins on each side.

8. Backstitch the sides of the bag to sew them together. Finish each side with a quilter's knot.

9. Whipstitch the edges of the bag to prevent fraying and to reinforce the seams. Don't worry about getting these stitches perfect, they'll be on the inside of the bag. Finish with a quilter's knot.

10. Turn the bag right side out and iron it for crisp, flat edges.

11. Thread your larger needle (the embroidery needle) with embroidery thread. The embroidery needle has a bigger eye (opening) to allow for thicker thread. Knot the end before you begin sewing.

12. Sew the button to the center of the bag. Push the needle from the inside the pouch to the outside, so that the knot is on the inside of your bag. Thread the button onto the needle and then back down through the hole across and back through the fabric, outside to inside. Repeat 3-4 times until the button feels secure. Finish with a knot on the inside.

13. Lay the top flap over the button to see where the button hole should be. Place a pin horizontally at the top and bottom of where you feel the edges of the button. These pins will be your marker to cut your button hole.

14. Cut a hole by folding both layers of fabric horizontally and then cutting a slit perpendicularly so that the slit is going vertically down the flap. Test that the hole is big enough by putting the button you sewed on earlier through the hole.

15. Thread your embroidery needle with a piece of embroidery thread.

16. Starting at one end of the hole, go down one side using a blanket stitch and then back up the other side. Finish with a quilter's knot on the inside of the flap. Trim your threads and admire you handiwork!


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